5G-X Internet in Godley


5G-X Internet has expanded service coverage in Godley, TX!


5G-X  Residential Plans



up to


  • 25Mbps Download
  • 5Mbps Upload
  • Social Media, Online Bill Paying, Watching Videos





up to


  • 50Mbps Download
  • 10Mbps Upload
  • Home Offices, Movie Streaming, Casual Online Gaming, Live Streaming, Uploading Videos



up to


  • 100Mbps Download
  • 20Mbps Upload
  • Gaming, Multiple Devices, Streaming Multiple Movies














What speed do you need?

The speed you need will depend on the number of users in your household, number of devices connected to your wireless network, and your typical internet usage.

Since our service is line-of-sight, your location may have an effect on the available internet speeds. Our techs will conduct a speed test and show you the maximum speed for your location before your card is charged.

What does "up to" mean?

5G-X offers Residential and Business plans with speeds that may vary up to the particular plan’s maximum speed. We will let you know the highest speed available to you prior to installing. At 5G-X, our goal is to have your home or business operating at a speed very close to the selected “up to” amount. Factors such as distance from service site, number of devices connected, and types of downloads and uploads may affect your speed.


Simple Installation- $99.95

  • Close to the service site
  • And minimal or no obstruction

Complex Installation- $199.95

  • Moderate distance from service site
  • Or some obstruction

Max Installation- $299.95

  • Further from service site
  • Or moderate to heavy obstruction

Additional charges may apply. Please leave a note in the "Comments or Questions" box upon signing up or call us at 817-517-6000 with any questions about installation.

View our business plans here.