Life is better at 
100 megabit

Slow internet sucks. You want to watch that Youtube video, not a buffering screen. And how many times has that Zoom call for work dropped? We can show you a better way.

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Get Connected 
with 5G-X

5G is the next generation of wireless technology. That means faster load times and more devices on the network. Download an HD movie in a matter of seconds and participate in online gaming without interruption.

We are equipped for residential and business needs.

High-Speed Connection

Our packages start at 25Mbps and go up to 100Mbps!

Connect Multiple Devices

Perfect for online gaming, movie streaming, and social media scrolling-- all at the same time.

No Contracts

That means you can upgrade at any time!


“5G-X offers true high-speed internet as they advertise. I highly recommend this company. They proved that just because you live in the country doesn't mean that you can't have great service.”

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