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5G-X Internet Plans

Find out more about how 5G-X Internet can provide a high-speed connection for your home or office.

Residential Plans

With download speeds starting at 25Gb, you can connect multiple devices, stream HD movies, online game, and work from home.

Business Plans

5G-X gives you more speed at a great price. We have a range of options to suit a variety of business needs, from Start-Ups to SMBs.

Enterprise Plans

For larger businesses that need to connect a lot of machines and devices to the internet yet maintain speed and productivity.



5G-X- Expanded Service in Joshua, TX


We are so excited to announce installations for our new service areas in Joshua, TX!

Sign up here or send us an email at and we will check to see if your address is in our new service area.

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5G-X High Speed Internet: Sept 21,2018 Update – Alvarado

Happy Friday! We’ve made great progress this week!

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5G-X High Speed Internet: August 31, 2018 Update – Joshua, Alvarado, Lake Richland Chambers


Hello, there!

The 5G-X team has been working hastily on delivering high-speed internet to rural communities. We have streamlined our business plan so that we are able to respond more quickly to demand and service larger areas at a time.

Here’s a quick glance at our progress and what is to come:

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