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5G-X is delivering supercharged,
high-speed broadband Internet to areas in Texas
that have limited service options.

5G is the next generation network design that will provide greater capacity. Our MarketĀ Development team is currently hitting the streets to survey home-owners and business professionals to identify specific needs in under-served areas.

If you are in one of these underserved communities and are ready for high-speed Internet, please select one of the following to begin the survey.


All About 5G Internet


5G is predicted to handle 1,000 times more traffic and operate 10 times faster than previous generations. While the experts can’t fully answer this question, they do know that 5G will encompass these attributes.

Millimeter Waves
Micro PoPs
Massive MIMO
Full Duplex

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What is 5G-X?

5G-X is delivering this technology to areas in Texas that have limited service options to both homes and businesses. Our team of Marketing Analysts are currently surveying community members to assess the needs. The 5G-X network is designed for you, by you and will be available in 2017.

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