5G-X High-Speed Internet for Richland Chambers Lake in Corsicana

November 7, 2017

5G-X High-Speed Internet will soon be available to some areas around Richland Chambers Lake. “USA Tower Systems was approved by the Navarro County Commissioners’ Court yesterday to construct a new 200’ line-of-sight wireless internet tower on land near the westside of the US 287 bridge over Lake Richland Chambers, providing high speed service by 5G-X to residents and businesses alike in the very near future,” disclosed Scott Jones, Economic Development Director for the City of Corsicana.

“Depending on distance from the tower, lake area residents could have unlimited data at 25Mbps to 100 Mbps service available for a fixed monthly fee.”

Jones added, “With the number of business and home-office users at Richland Chambers Lake, this new addition should be a huge improvement over the DSL and satellite service currently available to most of the area’s users. Data integrity and speed is a requirement for most businesses in this modern age, and this new service should be a great convenience for business and personal communication and entertainment at the lake, now and for the next generation.”

Jones has been working with USA Tower Systems LLC (UTS) to bring more internet speed to Navarro County. UTS submitted a specific use permit (SUP) application with the Navarro County Lake Planning to construct a wireless communications tower SE of Eureka, TX near US 287 and CR 3 170 (near RE/MAX LakeSide Dreams). The NCLPZC approved the UTS SUP request on Thursday, October, 5, 2017. UTS then met with the Navarro County Commissioner’s Court on Monday, October 23rd, seeking their approval for construction of the tower. The Navarro County Commissioners gave their consent.

“At this time, we have four towers marked as high priority for construction in Navarro/Johnson County area,” disclosed Tina Bauer, Marketing and Development Director of Sales for 5G-X. “Whether you’re watching Netflix at home or your business, we want to provide that for you. We are very excited to bring a much needed service to the Richland Chamber Lake area.” The completed tower can be up to 195’ tall and “a line of sight” is required for service.

Randall Smith, Market Analyst for USA Tower Systems LLC, explained that the industry average timeline for tower construction is six months from groundbreaking to completion.

Once operational, service will be provided by 5G-X who will offer the following plans.

Get any of the 5G-X residential packages installed for only $99.95. Receive $10 off each month of your internet bill with proof of active duty as a police officer, teacher, firefighter, or military personnel.

For further information, you can find 5G-X on Facebook or you can view their web page at www.5G-X.com. If you would like for a Customer Service Representative to look up your exact address, please email [email protected]. A Customer Service Representative can also assist you in finding the perfect plan for your needs.

This is an exciting prospect for those of us that live in and around Richland Chambers Lake. Inadequate and/or unreliable Internet service has been a common complaint. Although the new option will not impact all lake area residents at this time, it is definitely a good start.

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