5G-X Internet: How It Works

Step by step account setup process

About Us

5G-X Internet is for YOU, by YOU

5G is the next generation of wireless technology. That means faster load times and more devices on the network. Download an HD movie in a matter of seconds and participate in online gaming without interruption. 5G-X is delivering this high-speed internet service primarily to remote areas with limited internet service options. We are equipped for residential and business needs.

Policy and Promise

  • No Contracts. Ever. You are free to leave us whenever you want. Please note though, you won’t find anyone that provides a better service, or cares for you more.
  • Our growth path is determined by you. And as we grow, we promise to be transparent about our milestones and honest about delivery dates.
  • We give you the speed you need. You can change your plan when it suits you.
  • If we break it, we fix it.
  • If you report trouble to us, we believe you.

I am a new customer to 5G-X and I couldn't be happier. From the moment I called I was greeted by extremely nice and helpful staff. The installation gentleman was just as pleasant and knowledgeable. They got my household up and running with all our entertainment needs met.

Christina R.
Alvarado, TX