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It truly depends on how much strain you are putting on your internet connection. Do you stream movies often? Send a lot of emails? We recommend no less than 25 Mbps, which is why all of our plans start at just that. For homes with multiple devices and users, our 50Mbps or 100Mbps package could be better suited for you. 

Residential & Business Plans

Simple Installation
- $99.95

  • Close to the service site
  • And minimal or no obstruction

Xtreme Lite Installation- $199.95

  • Moderate distance from service site
  • Or some obstruction

Xtreme Max Instalación- $299.95

  • Further from service site
  • Or moderate to heavy obstruction

Please leave a note in the "Comments or Questions" box upon signing up or call us at 817-517-600 with any questions about installation.

Please fill out a sign-up form and we will run an address check. There is no fee or credit card information required for an address check. 

Yes, you are able to use your own router. We also offer routers that are available for purchase through 5G-X. Our technician can attempt to set up your personal router during the install, however, if unsuccessful you will be encouraged to use a 5G-X router. Please contact us if you would like pricing information. 

At this time, we do not offer smart home set up as a service. However, our network is capable of supporting security cameras, temperature modulation, lighting controls, etc. on the wireless network.

We will do our best to fix the problem remotely, at no cost to you. 

If a technician needs to visit the site: Charges may apply if there is a technical issue with your router or personal devices. If there is an issue from the POE or outside equipment, there is no charge. 

Do NOT push the reset button on your airCube router. A 5G-X technician will need to re-configure the device and charges may be assessed. Please consult the documentation for other router manufacturers in determining whether a hard reset is appropriate.

We are constantly expanding our service coverage. A huge factor for our growth pattern is demand. Click on the "Tell Us Where To Go" tab to let us know if your neighborhood needs us.

We announce new service coverage areas via Facebook, email, and our website.

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