How Much Bandwidth Do You Need For Gaming?

The enemy is in sight. You aim. You pull the trigger and--- *buffering*

Bandwidth plays a large role in your gaming experience. But how much is enough?

A Simple Explanation of Bandwidth

Often, bandwidth is likened to a water hose or plumbing. As bandwidth increases, so does the amount of data that can flow through in a given amount of time. The diameter of a pipe increases and so does the amount of water that can flow through it.

Bandwidth is measured in bits per second. Note that bits are different than bytes, the common measure of file size. One byte equals 8 bits, so 1 megabyte (MB) equals 8 megabits.

The Answer: It Depends On Usage

How much bandwidth you need is largely dependent on how many devices and users are in your household. If one person is downloading a video game, another person is watching a movie, and another is refreshing Facebook, you will need more bandwidth.

Online gaming in it of itself does not require a lot of bandwidth. However, even in a single-user house, if you live stream and talk with friends while gaming, you will definitely want more. 

We recommend our 100Mbps package for those gaming and using multiple devices. 

Still unsure which package is right for you? Sign up here and express your questions in the comment box. We will help you determine which package is right for you based on your intended usage. 

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