Now Available in Lake Richland Chambers!

5G-X high-speed internet is now available in Lake Richland Chambers!! 

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5G-X Internet in Alvarado TX- Expanded Coverage March 2019


We have expanded our service area!!!

Get high-speed internet in Alvarado, TX.

We’ll check your address for availability, free of charge.

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5G-X- Internet in Alvarado, TX- Expanded Coverage- December 2018


We are scheduling installations for our new service area in Alvarado, TX!

We will check to see if your address is in our new service area.

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5G-X- Service Expanded – Internet in Joshua Texas

*BIG ANNOUNCEMENT*– Internet in Joshua Texas

We are scheduling installations for our new service areas in Joshua Texas!

We will check to see if your address is in our new service area.


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5G-X High Speed Internet: Sept 21,2018 Update – Alvarado

Happy Friday! We’ve made great progress this week!

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5G-X High Speed Internet: August 31, 2018 Update – Joshua, Alvarado, Lake Richland Chambers


Hello, there!

The 5G-X team has been working hastily on delivering high-speed internet to rural communities. We have streamlined our business plan so that we are able to respond more quickly to demand and service larger areas at a time.

Here’s a quick glance at our progress and what is to come:

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5G-X High-Speed Internet for Richland Chambers Lake in Corsicana

5G-X High-Speed Internet will soon be available to some areas around Richland Chambers Lake. “USA Tower Systems was approved by the Navarro County Commissioners’ Court yesterday to construct a new 200’ line-of-sight wireless internet tower on land near the westside of the US 287 bridge over Lake Richland Chambers, providing high speed service by 5G—X to residents and businesses alike in the very near future,” disclosed Scott Jones, Economic Development Director for the City of Corsicana.

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Millennials Love Chat and Robots i.e. Chatbots

As preparation for this article, I conducted a brief experiment on Google by typing in two words, millennials then boomers. Millennials returned about 34, 100,000 results. Boomers returned about 21,300,000 results. According to a 2016 study from the Pew Research Center, Millennials have overtaken the Baby Boomers as Americas largest generation. Millennials, whom are defined as those ages 18-34 in 2015, now number 75.4 million, surpassing the 74.9 million Baby Boomers (ages 51-69). And Generation X (ages 35-50 in 2015) is projected to pass the Boomers in population by 2028.

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The Amazon Echo: Cool or Creepy?

Amazon sold millions of Alexa-based products over this holiday season (including the Echo Dot, Fire TV Stick, Fire tablet, and Amazon Echo). And it’s no wonder the sounds of “Alexa, (fill in the blank)” got stuck in all our heads, as Pentatonix/ Echo commercials have been swirling Youtube.

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Fiber Optic Internet Vs Wireless Internet – Which Is Right For You?

Whether your focus is local or global, it’s hard to imagine doing business in today’s economy without having access to the internet. It has become a valuable resource. Video conferences, tracking data or reaching potential customers are a few ways your business might use the internet. Both, fiber optics and wireless, are fast, but which should you choose? Let’s take a look at your options.

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